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Grade Change with Segmental Block Wall

ODOT 582(05) Hamilton Co., SR 50 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Owner - ODOT

Designer - City of Rittman

General Contractor - Prus Construction

Geosynthetic & Block Supplier -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


A project, involving widening of SR 50 just west of downtown Cincinnati and along the north bank of the Ohio River, required a grade change structure which had a small “foot print”. A segmental block, wall could easily achieve the desired result, was cost effective, required no special equipment and was quick to complete. The designer chose MESA® by Tensar® Earth Technologies.

MESA® is the premier segmental block wall system due to its unmatched “positive mechanical connection” of the grid reinforcement and the block facing units. MESA® requires no filling of the “block cores” and therefore reduces labor costs which equal an overall reduction in cost and time. The MESA® connectors serve both and a connector and alignment tool allowing the wall to be laid straight up or with a 5/8” backset on each course. Engineered, stamped drawings can be provided for each wall.