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Pavement Waterproofing and Reinforcement

Branch Road - Medina, Ohio

Owner - City of Medina

Designer - City of Medina

General Contractor - Cioffi Construction

Geosynthetic Provider/installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


A city roadway was due for some upgrade work and resurfacing. The outside edges of the existing pavement were severely cracked and exhibited distortion. The innermost portion of the existing pavement was in less critical condition. A need for an interlayer system was realized. The City worked with the supplier to address both pavement types with differing materials. The more stressed pavement was waterproofed and reinforced with STARGRID G+PF®, a higher end composite interlayer. The inner, less stressed pavement was waterproofed and reinforced with a common 4 oz./sy. overlay fabric. This concept will optimize performance and minimize cost.