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Crack Waterproofing and Reinforcement

Lorain County Regional Airport, Runway 7-25

Owner - Lorain County

Designer - URS Corporation, Pittsburgh

Contractor - Shelly Co., Twinsburg Ohio

Geosynthetic Supplier/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


The airport has experienced problems with exceptionally large transverse pavement cracks. The cracks were not only wide, but deep as well and crack sealing was an ongoing maintenance issue. While performing required resurfacing, all parties agreed to apply an overlay composite and a pavement reinforcement grid. STAR Grid G+PF (overlay fabric with a grid attached) was installed over longitudinal joints and STAR Grid G-PS (reinforcement grid) was installed over the transverse cracks. Both materials required liquid asphalt cement as a bonding and waterproofing component. While we expect cracks to reform, they will be delayed and minimized and future crack sealing will be reduced to the surface course only!